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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC

Home Page

Headlines: Suzuki abandons the Intruder, Marauder and Volusia

The 1500 Intruder has been available since 1998. Now, in 2004, Suzuki has decided it is time to abandon the old bike names and start over, with a new name! Enter the: BOULEVARD! - Those who have seen the Boulevard line feel it's just an Intruder to which Suzuki has added the most common aftermarket itmes that people have had to pay for after they baught their Intruders. - Wider handle bars, slash cut exhaust pipes, slimmer seat are all features of the new Boulevard. Some have baught a "strech tank" (made by ThunderBike) and these are among the things included on the Boulevard.
Also, possibly to appeal more to the USA buyer, engine sizes are now in cubic inches, as opposed to cubic centimeters. The cubic inch capacity also forms a part of the model name: C90 would be the 1475 cc engine they used to call 1500.

Strangely, one of the criticisms that many 1500LC owners have had in the past was not addressed on the Boulevard, in fact, it was made worse... The Boulevard has a smaller fuel tank than the 1500LC!!!
Will all this messing about with names pay off? They hope so! ... but let's just hope they also realise there needs to be good "AFTER SALES SERVICE" which includes offering new owners some way to unite and share their experiences, which is just as important as coming out with a new bike. We are definately looking forward to hearing about a Suzuki sponsored "Boulevard Owners Club" [or a "Boulevard Owners Group".]

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Mitch Allen's GhostFlame
Mitch´s GhostFlame Bike is a work of art. If you look close you can see the pipes have been engraved 
(using an ingenious checmical process) and the whole bike has subtle flames all over.

These pages have always been about, and supported by, Riders of the LC (RLC). - Our new "RLC4EVER" domains now reflect that emphasis. "Riders of the LC" or RLC, which is a friendlier abbreviation for our ever growing Suzuki Intruder 1500LC Owners Club, already has Representatives all over the world. - While the 1500LC Homepage has grown quite a bit in the last 7 years, the intention has always been to make it easy for people to upload the pictures they want to share with others, as well as post and maintain their own information, in case someone is interested in getting in touch with them. This has now been made possible by the RLC Database. - People who decide to Represent the club in their area can post the pictures they would like to share with others in the community and maintain their own info in the RLC's new database. Check it out at either of the following locations: and
Meanwhile, the 1500LC Homepage will remain at:
curtesy of (actual URL: the domain links to:

Enter the Intruding Indians!?!

Keith (Helgies) has been busy! Not only has he got the classic teardrop headlight installed on his 1500LC...
but now he's got front and back Indian fenders!!! WOW! ... and MAN does his Intruder look good!

TattooJim was, and will always be, RLC#17

'98, '99, '00, '01, 02, 03, 04

Shameful Fact: This page has lead to the sale of more 1500 LCs than any single Suzuki dealer, and continues to spread goodwill among LC owners - yet is STILL totally unsupported / unrecognised in any way, by Suzuki. Although they are enjoying the positive PR this page (and other web pages dedicated to the LC) generate, Suzuki and other motorcycle manufacturers should be supporting the efforts of individuals doing good things for their products! When was the last time you saw anything being done to promote OUR bikes? Statement.

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1500LC MSN Community Pages
Interactive - post your own pics - news - share experiences - Growing all the time!
Has one of the largest collections of 1500LC
pictures on the internet!
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Keeper's Note

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Note: Please use the above link to link to this page as it will always have the most recent page. Servers may let us down, pages be moved, etc, but this will always link to a Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Homepage that has the most recent updates and is on-line. So, link away. Thanks.

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You found it!!! ...

The Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Homepage...

Now its up to you...

What would you like to find here? Pictures? Links? Yourself? Others? All this can be arranged... and more. This is a page dedicated to our favorite motorcycle. The Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC. Here you will find whatever riders want to contribute for your pleasure... be it pictures of their bikes and themselves, stories, information, etc.

What you will not find here is intricate technical tips, quarrels, fixes for faults, ranting and raving, etc. You are going to have to probe the FORUMS for that (see the "FORUM" link above?). See the NEWS page for news on rides, parts, or what's happening. Links to the FORUMS and other places you will find on the LINKS page. The Forums are places on the net that have been set up specially for Intruder 1500 LC owners, and there you can discuss and compare technical tips.

(Note: The Keeper of these pages has some experience with motorcycle web pages and hosted the Honda Shadow Home Page until the Shadow was sold, a 1500 Intruder replaced it... It was a step up, for sure, and you can read all about that on the Intruder 1500 Owner's: "Thor", if you like... and even go on a small ride through the pictures found in the folders linked from that page.)

You should also take a peek at the Owners Club or "RLC" (Riders of the Legendary Classic (which Suzuki says is what the LC on our bikes stands for) which is growing all the time, and the many other LINKS that have been collected for you on the LINKS Page... Now don't be shy to sign the GuestBook, which will be used for NEWS too: News from YOU! ... So if you have any news, or want a free link to your page, or have something on your mind, or anything you'd like to share with the rest of us, please sign the guestbook, or use the News Page (see the links above)... You have our gratitude.

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Mmm... Is it a dream?


Nope... THAT'S MY BIKE! ... and there it goes!

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Your bro, Thor Ingason... Rider of "THE ONE" (thats the number of my motorcycle)

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