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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page

- Contents Page -

This is the main page. On it you will find the headlines, front page picture, announcements, keeper's note, various counters and web rings, etc...
Keeper's Note
The page introduces the current Keeper(s) of the page.
Page shows the various color combinations of current and past LCs. The page will be updated when more / other color shcemes become available.
What parts are available to customise your bike? This page aims to inform the rider what is available for their bike. It will also contain links to the most producers & vendors of custom items for the LC. If you know a good one, send it in, will ya! (Send it now to: icelandknight )
On this page you will find pictures of our beloved LC from various sources. People have sent in pictures from here andc there off the net, scanned from magazines, etc. - If you send one in, please include where you found it, so we can at least mention where it can be found, both for other to know where it is and copyright reasons. Most people don't mind the picture being shown, if a proper note is made of who's it is and where it's from. Thanks for sending in what you can!
This is a bulletin board where riders share interesting news, comments and even ride reports! It's a free-for-all discussion board for anything LC, or related.
Links to mainly LC or motorcycle related pages on the net. Everyone should find something to their liking here.
The wierd and the wonderful. A collection of pictures and strange data concerning our LC.
This takes you to the Owner's Pages stored at XOOM.COM. There you will find pictures that Owners have sent in of themselves and their bikes. ( Note: Xoom has to advertise, so you will get an annoying little bar straight across the screen at the top. Still, they offer unlimited space for our owner's pages, so there is the good with the bad. Originally, when the pages were set up, Xoom didn't have this bar.).
Owners 2
Clicking on the "2" will take you to the Owner's Pages stored on a server in Iceland. Sometimes the cable to the outside world may be down, and so you will have to make do with the Xoom Pages... The Icelandic pages do not have that annoying bar across the top of the screen, and some have said it is FASTER that the Xoom pages (I have no idea if this is true)... so you can thoroughly enjoy the Owner's Pages.
These pages have pictures that owner's have sent in of their bikes. The pictures are just of the bikes, in various interesting places. Every picture tells a story... Check it out!
Gallery 2
Similar to the Owner's Pages, stored on an Icelandic server, this links to the Gallery pages on that server. Enjoy the pictures without any bar across the screen.
This is the RLC Home Page. RLC stands for "Riders of the Legendary Classic, which is what all 1500 LC Owners are... It could aslo be called "International Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Owner's Club" ... Wouldn't you rather use RLC? Yep, us too! It's a club made so that riders of the LC can know about each other and get together to organise rides and events. Members of other clubs can also be members of RLC, as it's an Owner's Club, not a local motorcycle club... but at the same time, any club is what you, the members make it... and membership to this club is free... So you can't lose, any way you look at it!
This link takes you to a chat page, where people can meet and chat about whatever they like. Sundays has been the most popular day to chat... but it depends largely on when people are on-line and as we are scattered all around the world, there may be no-one in the chat room when you are awake. Try back later and I'm sure you will meet someone... again, Sunday seems to be the most popular day.
- This is our very popular discussion forum There you will find discussions of problems, technical advice, discussions about our future, formal articles, informal chat... the discussions are as varied as the owners of LCs. There are topic areas like Parts, Problems, Solutions, Links, For Sale, Wanted, General, also some stuff of a lighter nature... You get the picture. Well, you will, when you visit the Forum!
Links to pages that offer great deals on items for sale and a small % goes to support maintenance of the pages. So far this has not been very successful... but thanks go to the 1 person in 1999 who subscribed to Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine through the pages.
Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine
One of my all-time favorite motorcycle magazines, and one I don't believe any Cruiser Rider should be without! It is a magazine devoted to "Cruiser" type motorcycles... and I, for one, can't get enough of it! It's such a shame that it only comes out every 2 months, which means only 6 issues a year... But I guess that's what makes each one more dear. This link takes you to a page which has pictures of covers of every magazine I have... and lists the most important articles in each... (Maybe I shouldn't be babbling about this, here, but when the magazine arrives, it is almost a religious experience: Tearing it out of the plastic, admiring the cover and then sitting down and reading EVER PAGE thoroughly from top to bottom! I love every minute of it! There are no nude women (or men), just the biggest and the baddest, best-looking, chromed, heavy motorcycles on the planet... and what could be more sexy than that!! Hondas, Harleys, Suzukis, Kawasakis, Indians, E-Hs, Vics, etc. They got them all in there!)
Other Models
Other LC models exist, beside our 1500 LC. At the above link you will find pages devoted to them. So far, I believe Suzuki has turned out two: 125 LC and a 250 LC. Read about the 250 LC on the "Special" Page (see above), hwile a page dedicated to the 125 LC can be found in the "Other Models" Link.

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