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Some of My Favorite Pictures...
and Why!
(Please be patient these pictures will take a while to load)
Good News: They are all full size. So when they are loaded,
so is the "big picture". Click them and you get the big pic FAST.

Shadow Rider: Hey, look! It's the Shadow Rider! ... Man, I used to love my Shadow... So much so, that I put up a shrine page to the bike (does that sound familiar?):
Now it's looked after by our bro, Robert Orsino... but now he's on a Vulcan! I wonder what will become of our beloved Shadow Page.

The Icelandic National Emblem. I'm a bit patriotic, although a lot of people seem to be trying to ruin the image of my country. Mainly the government. It often seems to me that we're raped of every cent by the f*cking government (I wrote a song about that once - most of them don't give a shit about the country, it's just a cash pot for them to leech)... and now THEY are claiming the national emblem, so only THEY can use it! This is definately NOT the land of the "free"... Still, Iceland is relatively easy-going... as peaceful and dosile as your average cow. So we got that going for us. I guess. (I wasn't so optimistic when I started writing this... Here is my original complaint)
Priceless Sunset: Some scenes just "do it" for me... I can sit there and watch it for hours... Spellbound. To me, if you pass things by too fast, you miss the beauty around you.
Sure, sometimes we are in a hurry to get to where we're going... but it's not every day you see such a dramatic sunset... sunrise... or event. We really need to take the time to appreciate it.
A Solitary Figure on a Sandy Beach: What could be more symbolic? We struggle all our lives... and for what? ... At least we have moments like this to reflect upon our purpose... and perhaps we even come to a conclusion!
... wouldn't that be nice for a change!
Forest Secret: Can you imagine coming upon such a scene? - Can this be the same world we live in? Is it possible that such beauty can co-exist with us? Apparently so... and who said that "erotic" had to involve human bodies!
Doggie: My momma's michievious bitch (Kolla)... She's wild. No, I mean that... We can't get her to do anything... and then she barks at anything like there's a scratched record. Ruff, ruff, ruff... Cute, but she's such a bitch!

... ahhh... You want to see MOTORCYCLE pictures? Ok, I can do that!