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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page



Motorcycle Cruiser
Motorcycle Cruiser

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine: Addresses the full spectrum of the cruiser and street bike market including: News, road tests, product evaluations, customized bikes, technical tips, owner's pictures and riding techniques.
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When is the best your only choice? When it's MOTORCYCLE CRUISER MAGAZINE!!! The only magazine dedicated to the every brand of the CRUISER type of motorcycle. Every 2 months you get a picture filled mag, with articles on anything from how to screw a chrome nut, to full overall maintenance of your cruiser. How can you lose!!!

No, I'm not 'just saying that', to sell you a subscription! I'm a subscriber! I have been a subscriber for over two years now, and have been ever since I first heard of it way back then. (I own their first issue, even) Maybe it's just me, but I feel it is only right that we combine our efforts to support something that has our best interest at heart. I'd hate to see this magazine go the way of say, Cycle Magazine's BLVD, which has closed down, now... So, it's up to you...

There is another good reason to subscribe, if you need another, if you subscribe using the link above, you will also be directly supporting the Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Homepage, which is something that countless people enjoy. Both owner's of the LC and owners of other brands of bikes come to the page hoping to find exactly what they DO find... Stories, experiences and pictures of motorcycle bikers having a good time on their chosen rides!!! (I know, cos I have a mailbox full of evidence of that... and you can check out the guestbook, if you still have any doubts! Anyway... That's what it's always been about, people. Enjoying what you have to the fullest.

My MOTORCYCLE CRUISER Magazine Collection

Most issues of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine include the following standard departments:

In addition to this there are special articles in each issue of MC. Below you will find a list of the special articles, along with the magazine cover (when I get around to scanning it in), to remind you of which ones you own already:

Spring 1996 - Premier Issue!!! - Kawa 1500 Classic - Honda Valkyrie (Preview Ride) - Cleaning Secrets - Hoses & Cables - 1996 Cruiser Buyer's Guide - Spec. & Performance Report - Suzuki Intruder 800 - Used Intruder Guide - HD Sporster 1200 Sport - V&H Powerpack - Yam Royal Star - Custom Intruder - Custom Yam V Twin - V&H Envigorated Kawa Vulcan 800 Classic - Honda ACE Transformed (Custom)
Summer 1996 - HD Road King vs. Yam Royal Star Tour Classic - Shaft Maintenance - Cruisin' Reader's Rides - Break Tips (Fluid) - Middleweight Comparison (500/600cc) - New Rider Choices - Used Bike Guide: Bike Trading Basics - Buying Used Guide - Export? - Long Distance Deals - Expert Advice - Custom Honda Shadow - Kawa Vulcan Supercruiser - Suzuki Intruder Chopped - Yam Star Power suggestions
Dec 1996 - Which Tire - Tire Tips - Honda Magna - Musclebikes - Yam VMax - Kawa Eliminator - Triumph Adventurer
Feb 1997 - Bike Preview '97 (Cruiser Comparison) - Batteries - 2 Custom Yam Stars - Custom Kawa - Bolt On Basics - Exhaust Charts - Jet Kit Disasters - Suzuki Marauder
  Apr 1997 -
  Jun 1997 -
  Aug 1997 -
  Oct 1997 -
  Nov 1997 -
Feb 1998 - '98 Buyer's Guide - Kawa Vulcan 1500 Nomad & Accessories - Air Intake Guide: Yam Virago Air Cleaning - Carb Sync - Vulcan 1500 Carb Kits - Expert Customising Tips - 900 Suzuki Intruder? - Yam V-Star Classic - HD Sporster 1200 Sport - Handlebar Adjusting
  Mar 1998 -
Jun 1998 - Kawa Nomad & Accessories - Making a Tourer - Soft Saddlebags Compared - Make Your Own Break Hoses - Daytona Beach Party Report - Honda ACE Custom - Honda Valkyrie Hot Rod - Boss Hoss V8 - Trike Riding - America GT (& Inside the S&S Engine) -
Aug 1998 - Flagships: 8 Top Cruisers Face Off - Gas Tank Rust - 6 Bike to Bike Communicators - Tire tips - Custom Honda Magna - Custom Painting Tips - Honda 600 VLX Bolt-ons - Yam VMax Hot Rod (BadMax)
  Sep 1998 -
Dec 1998 - Best of Cruising '98 - Tachometers - Victory V92C - HD Dyna Convertable - Triumph Thunderbird Sport - Lincoln Highway - Custom Shadow.
Feb 1999 - Complete 1999 Buyer's Guide - Yam Road Star 1600 (& Inside the 1600) - Customising the Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC - 5 Saddle Pads Compared - Daytona Report - Chroming Hydraulic Parts - Vulcan Steal the Show - 1999 Honda Shadow VLX -
Apr 1999 - Touring Cruisers Compared - Honda ACE Tourer - Arizona Report - Drunk Riding Test - Electric Apparel Guide (Wired for warmth) - Safe Windshield Cutting - Americade '99 Report - Honda Valkyrie Concept - Honda ACE Custom
Jun 1999 - 10 Big Twins Compete - Excelsior-Henderson Super X - Detailing Your Cruiser - Rewiring Turn Signals - Honda Hoot '99 Report - Web Resources - Rat Bikes - Suzuki Marauder VZ800 Custom by Highway Hawk
Aug 1999 - Kawa Vulcan 1500 / 69hp kit - Hot Springs Area - Yam VMax - Honda Magna 750 - Honda Valkyrie - Yam V-Star 1100 - VMax Custom - Globe rider - Kawa Drifter article.
Oct 1999 - Customizing Cruiser Saddles - H-D Y2K - Waterproof boots - H-D FXDX Test - Virago Custom - 3 Tourers examined - Leather Saddlebags - BMW R1200 Dressed Up - Passengers.
Dec 1999 - Alaska by Tourer - Better Batteries - Cruiser of the Year - Victory V92SC - Moto Guzzi Jackal - Kawa Nomad FI - H-D Deuce - Kawa Drifter 800 - Three 1100s examined - Stereo - More Tourers.
Feb 2000 - Cruiser & Tourer Buyer's Guide - Specs Sheets Compared - H-D Heritage Softail Classic - Kawa Vulcan Classic FI - Yam Star Custom - Vulcan Custom - Yam Racer - Nomad Accessory Catalog.
rcd Apr 2000 - 7 Bike Faceoff.
rcd Jun 2000 - More Power - (Vulcan Wheelie) - Thanks2Bill Strebel SCRC
rcd Aug 2000 - 10 Big Twins
rcd Oct 2000 - 3 Head Harley
rcd Dec 2000 - The Monster (1800cc Honda VTX) + 2001 Cruisers
  Feb 2001 -
  Apr 2001 -
  Jun 2001 -
  Aug 2001 -
  Oct 2001 -
  Dec 2001 -
  Jan 2002 -
  Mar 2002 -
  Apr 2002 -


To conclude, a personal note:
At last! A magazine for the serious motorcycle cruiser owner! I both predicted that such a magazine would emerge (in 1994) and subscribed to it the moment I knew it existed. I feel all owners of cruiser-type bikes should have at least ONE magazine that they feel is their own... and this one is mine!

Not only are they a bunch of friendly people at the magazine headquarters, they also often publish their eMail addresses along with articles, so people can get in touch with the authors! Talk about progress!

There are many sections in this magazine, one of them is "Reader's Rides", where people can send in pictures of themselves and their rides, with a small story to go with the pic (a lot like the Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Homepage Owner's Pages, but we have a Gallery too)!

Just so you know how much I enjoy this magazine: When I first got it, I felt it was worth it's weight in gold! I spent days going through every inch of it, checking out all the ads for various stuff I never knew existed... Reading the articles, by the time I got the next issue, I knew the first one by heart!!! Also, now, don't laugh, since I knew there would be nothing for the next 2 months, I read them SLOWLY!!! I take them page by page... Taking in all the details. A bit like when people during war time got sweets. They ate it little by little enjoying every bite. I know what they went through!

There are not that many good, dedicated motorcycle cruiser magazines out there... Many of them are full of Harley propoganda... So when a good, "free" one, comes along, I hope you appreciate it enough to give it the support it deserves, both to keep it in business and support a good cause! You see? The survival of good things is, and has always been, up to us...

Your bro,

Webmaster: icelandknight@Homepage

* Please Note: This page and the "Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Homepage" is not directly associated or supported by 'Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine', although Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine has allowed the use of pictures that it has the copyright of to be used on the 1500 LC Homepage - The pages are furthermore not supported in any way by Suzuki Motor Company Japan, USA, or 'International' (if they are 'international' at all). The pages have, however, been supported indirectly by Harley Davidson.

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