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False-Neutral Shift Fix

When I started experiencing the "False-Neutral" that others have written about I noticed a few trends.  First, it only happened when up-shifting.  Second, it happened more with one pair of my boots that any other.  After closer inspection, I noticed that heel-pad of the shifter was below the floorboard when fully depressed (pic1). My fix was to adjust the height of the heel-pad.

1. Measure the current height of your shift lever (pic2).  This will serve as a reference so you will where it was when you started.

2. Remove the left-side rear engine cover.  There are four bolts that can be removed with a nut-driver or socket.

3. Disconnect the circuit board heat-sink inside the side panel (pic3).  This will allow you to set the cover to the side so you don't scratch the chrome.

4. Loosen the locking-nuts at each end of the shifter connecting rod with a 10 open-boxed end wrench, there is one in the Suzuki tool kit (pic4, pic5, pic6).

5. Turn the connecting rod until the top of the heel-pad is approx. 1_ inches above the floorboard (pic7).  When fully depressed, the heel-pad is now above the floorboard (pic8).  This will allow you to get a full up-shift.

6. While holding the connecting-rod to keep it form turning, tighten the locking-nuts at each end of the rod and recheck your shifter height.

7. Reconnect the circuit-board heat-sink and bolt side cover back into place.

Then entire process took less than 30 min including taking the pictures.  It has been 1 week since I made the adjustment and I have not missed a shift since.  I still feel a "catch" between 4th & 5th, but can easily shift through it.

Chuck Adams

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