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- Minor UPDATE: 09. janúar 2004
Feel free to nudge the page keeper gently by eMail if you feel this is being updated WAY too slow!

Asia: Japan: Aomori: Misawa-shi: Doc - eMail - Page <==== (Intruders MC)
Asia: Japan: Hyogo: Kobe: Werner Thomsen - eMail
Asia: Japan: Osaka: Osaka: Joshio Agemura: - eMail
Asia: Japan: Tokyo: Chofu: John Inch (Thunder) - eMail <=== (American Cruisers)

Australia: Victoria: Berwick: John Swinnerton - eMail
Australia: New South Wales: Deniquin: Glenn Nethercote - eMail <=== Metallic dark blue! NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!
Australia: New South Wales: Sydney: Geoff Martin - eMail
Australia: New South Wales: Sydney: Paul Davis - eMail
Australia: South Australia: Pennington: Kerri Wright - eMail <=== 1998 black/green. Happy to find us! Loves the bike!
Australia: West Australia: Perth: George Stephenson - eMail - Page

Canada: Alberta: Jasper Dave Wishart - eMail <=== (AB)
Canada: Alberta: Red Deer: Paul Helm - eMail <=== wife rides a VS800 - and loves it!
Canada: Alberta: Strathmore: Stacy Martin - eMail <=== 2003 - 1500 Intruder LC / Black
Canada: British Columbia: Steve Cooper - eMail <=== 2000 LC "Shut up and ride!"
Canada: New Brunswick: Sackville: Paul Carpenter - eMail
Canada: Newfoundland: St. John's: Joe Dominic - eMail
Canada: Nova Scotia: Dartmouth: Hoguee  - eMail <=== 02 Blue/Silver. "Ride Safe"

Canada: Ontario: Aurora: Leorne King - eMail <=== 1999 black and silver. Also a Superglide rider.
Canada: Ontario: Hamilton: Badfinger - eMail <=== 02 Silver / Gray - Page
Canada: Ontario: Burlington: Bruce Coombs - eMail <=== 2000 / black
Canada: Ontario: Hamilton: Dave - eMail <=== 2001 blue and black
Canada: Ontario: Kitchener: Robert - eMail
Canada: Ontario: Ottawa: Scott Morrow - eMail - Page
Canada: Ontario: Oakville: Ken Birtch - eMail <=== 1999 white over red
Canada: Ontario: Sarania: Terry MacDonald - eMail <=== 1999 black/silver
Canada: Ontario: St. Catharines: Jan Maklak - eMail <=== LC 1500SEK3 (2003)/Silver&green
Canada: Ontario: Sudbury: John Daigle - eMail <=== 2002 Black. "What a ride!"
Canada: Ontario: Stoney Creek: Dieter Bertram - eMail

Canada: Prince Edward Island: Carlo J. Bernard - eMail <=== Black & Blue.
Canada: Prince Edward Island: Kevin Gordon - eMail - Page

Canada: Québec: Gatineau: Rene Royer - eMail <=== 2003 grey/silver
Canada: Québec: Montreal: Pierre Cartier - eMail <=== White & grey 1500LC!
Canada: Québec: Montreal: Yvan "Bobitch" Rene de Cotret - eMail
Canada: Québec: St.Cathrine: Maurice Prevost - eMail - Page <==== Has a great LC Page!
Canada: Québec: Quebec: Mario Richard - eMail <==== Intruder 1500 LC 1998 green and black!
Canada: Québec: Varennes: Raymond Bergeron - eMail <==== intruder lc 1500 se 2001 bleu noir!
Canada: Saskachewan: Moose Jaw: Kevin Wiks - eMail

Europe: Belgium: Antwerp: Deurne: Van Deelen Tony - eMail <=== 1999 GREEN-BLACK. "BEST BIKE I EVER HAD"
Europe: Belgium: Antwerp: Morkhoven: Bierbeeck Johnny - eMail
Europe: Belgium: Evergem/Oost-Vlaanderen: Van Engel Denis - eMail <=== 1997/Lotusbleu - costumised a lot!
Europe: Belgium: Fernand Van den Schoor eMail - Page
Europe: Belgium: Lanaken: Noelmans Leslie - eMail <=== year: 2001 color: white/yellow.
Europe: Denmark: Copenhagen: Henrik Hellner - eMail
Europe: Denmark: Horsens (Jutland): Søren - eMail (new eMail)

Europe: Finland: Oriversi: Jari Pellas - eMai - Page <=== 1999 black / silver
Europe: Germany: Baden-Württemberg: Stuttgart: Lothar Pauli - eMail <=== Black VL1500!
Europe: Germany: Fuerstenfeldbruck: Fritz Etschel - eMail - Page <=== 2003 - black & chrome "Crowitis" - No cure!
Europe: Germany: Hassen: Haiger: Rainer Tenne - eMail <=== White with airbrush! 1.9 m tall and weighs 125 kg!
Europe: Germany: Schwerte: Truden -Snulle - eMail - Page <=== Intruder Cyber Team
Europe: Germany: Wittlich: Olaf R. Schröder (Devil) - eMail <=== New eMail! New Feature: It works!
Europe: Greece: Athens: free2ride - eMail <=== red/white

Europe: Hungary: Budapest: Robert Helmeczi - eMail
Europe: Iceland: Akureyri: Stjáni Skjóldal - (no email yet)
Europe: Iceland: Garðabær: Dossi - eMail
Europe: Iceland: Reykjavik: Thor Ingason - eMail - Page <==== Keeper of the page! RLC#4 Riding since 1975.
Europe: Ireland: Dublin: Roadrunner - eMail - Page <=== 1998 black on blue. Dublin Cruisers - "Rubber down, Beep Beep!!!"

Europe: Netherlands: Almere: Martin W Van De Veer - eMail
Europe: Netherlands: Appeltern: T-jo - eMail <=== 2000 (wine)red/black. 15500 miles / year!
Europe: Netherlands: Assen: Patric Bood "Rubberfantje" - eMail - Page <=== Intruder LC 1500... Black... 2003
Europe: Netherlands: Heinenoord: Hans "TheRoad" Boender - eMail - Page <=== RLC#13
Europe: Netherlands: Noord-Brabant: Harry Sander - eMail
Europe: Netherlands: Overijsel: Deventer: Toering - eMail - Page <=== 1999 White & Yellow
Europe: Netherlands: Sprang Capelle: Jac - eMail <=== 1999 / Yellow & White
Europe: Norway: Aalesund: Jan Olav Flatmark - eMail <=== went up from 750 Shadow to 1500 LC!
Europe: Norway: Sigdal: Lars Green - eMail <=== 1998 VL 1500 LC black-green!

Europe: Portugal: Porto: Rui:  - eMail <=== 1999/black-green. "It's ok!"
Europe: Scotland: Alex - eMail
Europe: Spain: Albacete - Jose P - eMail <=== Es una gozada ver a todos los Owners LC juntos en una web
Europe: Sweden: Jörgen Leijonmarck - eMail
Europe: Sweden: Lulea: Roger Andersson - eMail
Europe: Sweden: Pekka Jalovaara - eMail - Page <=== 98 beige/rootbeer. Thanks!-)
Europe: Sweden: Stockholm: Bisse "Moose" Nilsson - eMail <=== RLC#42
Europe: Sweden: Stockholm: Kent Lundstrom - eMail <=== 1500 LC -98 black and green. "Ride on!!!"
Europe: Sweden: Stockholm: Tony Frisk - eMail <=== 2000 LC 1500 Black/Grey
Europe: Sweden: Taby: Michael Holmlund - eMail <=== 2000/black
Europe: Sweden: Kristianstad: Pelle LC - eMail - Page
Europe: Sweden: Umea: Tage Johansson - eMail - PageEurope: UK: Cornwall: Jim (KernowLC) - eMail

Europe: UK: Bath: Kerry and Paul Fishlock - eMail
Europe: UK: Bath: Martin Britton - eMail
Europe: UK: Essex: Thorrington: Chris Griggs - eMail <=== 1998 Maroon/Tan
Europe: UK: Somerset: Bath: Kev & Jean - eMail <=== 2001, yellow and white. "A joy to ride."
Europe: UK: Somerset: Glastonbury: Nick Howell - eMail <=== 2001 Black. (needs owner's manual)
Europe: UK: Hampshire: Southampton: Alan Greenhorne - eMail <=== 2001 - Custard & Cream (yummy!)
Europe: UK: Hereford: Ade - eMail
Europe: UK: Isle of Man: Gary Knight - eMail <=== black & green - best bike also for 2 up.
Europe: UK: Lancashire: Blackburn: John Brennan - eMail
Europe: UK: Oxford: Patrick Mills - eMail <== Soon to be an LC owner! Currently has other bike.
Europe: UK: Pembrokeshire: Dave (Dai) Chatwin - eMail

USA: Alabama: Adamsville: Tracy Burton - eMail <=== (AL)
USA: Alabama: Birmingham: Jim A - eMail
USA: Alabama: Birmingham: Rick & Crystal Rogers - eMail <=== 02' 1500LC BLU/GREY & 99 MAURADER RED/BL
USA: Alabama: Florence: Eric Davis - eMail
USA: Alabama: Fort Rucker: Randy Kirgiss - eMail
USA: Alabama: Lanett: Paul Cannon - eMail <=== 1999 burgandy/white
USA: Alabama: Mobile, LJ - eMail <=== RLC#52
USA: Alabama: Mt. Olive, Jim Smith - eMail
USA: Alabama: Saraland/Mobile - eMail <=== 1999/black with blue/purple flames. Also: Bikers for Christ.

USA: Alaska: Ketchikan: Don Kralis - eMail <=== RLC#A (AK)
USA: Alaska: Palmer: George Riggs - eMail

USA: Arizona: Avondale: JR - eMail <=== 2001/ red&gray (AZ)
USA: Arizona: Avondale: Stuart Sterling - eMail
USA: Arizona: Cave Creek: Embe Kugler - eMail <=== MIG#815
USA: Arizona: Florence: Jeff Harbison - eMail <=== 2003/Black w/ Blue flake - east valley riders
USA: Arizona: Gilbert: Wes Tilton - eMail
USA: Arizona: Glendale: Mike Weede - eMail - Page
USA: Arizona: Glendale: Paul Pilkington - eMail <=== 2003 Silver
USA: Arizona: Phoenix: Bill Nash - eMail Owner from the land of the sun!
USA: Arizona: Phoenix: Eric Amadio - eMail
USA: Arizona: Phoenix: Kurt Pettit - eMail <=== Biker for over 25 years!
USA: Arizona: Phoenix: Paul Deem "Worf" - eMail
USA: Arizona: Scottsdale, Rick Ashley - eMail PIC <=== RLC#86
USA: Arizona: Tonopah: Ron Green - eMail <=== RLC#11
USA: Arizona: Sierra Vista: Keith Shulko - eMail
USA: Arizona: Youngtown: Ryan - eMail

USA: Arkansas: Casa: Toby Pedersen - eMail <=== 2003 Grey/Silver  (AR)
USA: Arkansas: Conway: Ed & Sharon Appler - eMail - Page <=== 2002/silver and white (AR)
USA: Arkansas: Hackett: Ross L. Coffey - eMail <=== 2002 BLACK/BLUE
USA: Arkansas: Helena: Michael Ballard - eMail <=== 2002 white/metallic gray. "Like the cruiser look and the LC style."
USA: Arkansas: Little Rock: Jack W. Yarbrough - eMail <=== Loves his LC!
USA: Arkansas: Little Rock: Larry Williams - eMail <=== black / yellow & orange flames!
USA: Arkansas: Mammothspring: Philip C. Frommel  - eMail <=== 2001 Intruder LC 1500 Blue and Black. Ride 24 hours a day!
USA: Arkansas: Magnolia: Greg Key - eMail <=== 2002 / blue and silver. "Great ride, Great bike."
USA: Arkansas: Malvern: Callingcard  - eMail <=== 2003 / Black
USA: Arkansas: Perryville: Calvin Taber - eMail <=== "Log truck power at a bargain price!"
USA: Arkansas: Prairie Grove: David Sauls - eMail <=== '02 Silver/White. ("Shauli" off the zForum) "Great group of people."
USA: Arkansas: St. Joe: Perry Gage aka-RoadDog - eMail <=== 2002-blue&silver. Glad he found us.

USA: California: Antioch: Barry Ward - eMail
USA: California: Acampo: Eric Sharrock - eMail
USA: California: Anaheim: Doug Cort - eMail <=== (CA)
USA: California: Appley Valley: Chris Martinez - eMail <=== 2001/Maroon&Gold. "Only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner!!"
USA: California: Castaic: Herman Lucas - eMail
USA: California: Covina: Grumpy - eMail <=== 98 1500 LC Grn/Blk & 97 Marouder 800
USA: California: Devore: Ken Glover - eMail <=== RLC#777
USA: California: Dublin: Bill Perrin - eMail
USA: California: El Cajon: Richard R - eMail <=== 98 1500 LC two tone Yellow and White
USA: California: El Dorado Hills: Ken Snell - eMail <=== 2002 blue gray
USA: California: Isleton: Larry Starkey - eMail <=== 2001/Black. "When does this customizing thing end?"
USA: California: La Habra: Robert Genung (aka. Largemouth) - eMail - Page
USA: California: Loma Linda: Darren - eMail <=== eMail now working!
USA: California: Long Beach: Pete Bisson - eMail
USA: California: Los Angeles: Francis Covington eMail <=== Ran the original 1500 LC Owner's Club!!!
USA: California: Los Angeles: Jim Cantarini
USA: California: Los Angeles: Tony Almaraz - eMail <=== sandman
USA: California: Los Angeles: Tracy Koerner - eMail
USA: California: Los Angeles--northridge: Brian Keeney - eMail <=== 1999 1500/ green
USA: California: Modesto: Dave West - eMail
USA: California: Modesto: Keith Davis - eMail <=== 01/blue&black
USA: California: Northridge: Brian Keeney - eMail <=== Those in this area, get in touch QUICK!
USA: California: Northridge: Ramster - eMail - Page <=== 2003 custom
USA: California: Oroville: Bob D - eMail <=== 1999 LC 1500. "Love my machine."
USA: California: Oxnard: Big Steve - eMail <=== 1998 1500LC 
USA: California: Poway: Dave Glenn - eMail
USA: California: Redlands: Joe Hughes - eMail
USA: California: Riverside: Rusty Herric - eMail (eMail missing)
USA: California: Riverside: Jim Cantarini - (JimJC) - eMail Page PIC <=== RLC#3 RLC
USA: California: Riverside: Merle Empson - eMail <=== 2002 Silver / White
USA: California: San Dimas: Nick Cullings - eMail
USA: California: San Diego: Brian E - eMail <=== "Gotta love this bike!"
USA: California: San Diego: Jerzy Trojnar - eMail
USA: California: San Diego: Imperial Beach: Millard Perkins - eMail
USA: California: San Jacinto: Scott Diem - eMail - Page <=== Staff Sargeant US Army!
USA: California: San Jose: Nancy Currier - eMail <=== '99 Teal/Black
USA: California: Santa Rosa: Cliff Waters - eMail
USA: California: Upland: Glenn Ericson - eMail
USA: California: Ventura: Don Adams - eMail <=== takes one day at a time!

USA: Colorado: Austin: Roger McDaniel - eMail <=== '98 Brown & Tan. "We will see you in Cortez!" (CO)
USA: Colorado: Bayfield: Terry Catrwright - eMail <=== Loves his LC
USA: Colorado: Denver: Scott - eMail <=== 99 Black & Green
USA: Colorado: Fort Collins: Tom Hepting - eMail
USA: Colorado: Longmont: Kevin Vaden (Mamba) - eMail <=== RLC#7
USA: Colorado: Springs: Glenn Anderson - eMail
USA: Colorado: Springs: Ken Lepik - eMail

USA: Connecticut: Baskerville New Hartford: Glenn Burkhart - eMail <=== (CT)
USA: Connecticut: East Hartford: Dan Pratt - eMail <=== 1998 VL Intruder 1500 / 2 Tone Brown
USA: Connecticut: Milford: John Szoke - eMail <=== 2000 red/black / Will be organising rides!!!
USA: Connecticut: Oxford: Kurt B. Zeidler - eMail <=== Not yet an LC owner. Heart in right place!
USA: Connecticut: Torrington: Michael Benedict - eMail
USA: Connecticut: Wallingford: Lenny - eMail
USA: Connecticut: Waterbury: Michael Flynn - eMail

USA: Delaware: Dover: Gerard (Gerry) Yatsko - eMail <=== (DE)
USA: Delaware: Little Creek: Mike - eMail <=== Black LC!

USA: District of Columbia: <=== (DC)

USA: Florida: Boyton Beach: Ken Schrader - eMail <=== Owns the new RED&BLACK one! (FL)
USA: Florida: Delray Beach: Zookie Bill - eMail
USA: Florida: Ft. Lauderdale: Jason W - eMail <=== 2002 White/Silver
USA: Florida: Edgewater: Roger M. Lutz - eMail
USA: Florida: Eustis: Thomas Mitchell - eMail
USA: Florida: Heathrow: Victor Tanon - eMail <=== 99 Red and White. "Let's go riding!"
USA: Florida: Hernando: John Steelfox - eMail
USA: Florida: Hialeah: Rick Vale - eMail
USA: Florida: Jacksonville: Mike Williams (TAZ) - eMail <=== See you at Bike Week & Bikeoctobefest!!!
USA: Florida: Jacksonville: Neil Pepitone - eMail
USA: Florida: Lakeland: Dave Rowden - eMail
USA: Florida: Longwood: Mark Culberson - eMail
USA: Florida: Merritt Island: Greg Alderman - eMail <== See also: Georgia!
USA: Florida: Miami: Roger Gonzalez - eMail <== Offered to help with problems!
USA: Florida: North Fort Myers: George Summers - eMail (saw our patches at bike week 2002)
USA: Florida: Oldsmar: Ken Lanigan - eMail <== Wife stole his LC... now has to get another one - LC, that is.
USA: Florida: Ormond Beach: Maggie White - eMail (one of our only lady Reps!!! More like this please!)
USA: Florida: Palm Coast: Mark Klayman - eMail - Page <=== 2002/Black "best ride ever!"
USA: Florida: Pensacola: Dennis Wait - eMail
USA: Florida: Pensacola: Les Downey - eMail
USA: Florida: Port St. Lucie: Magdiel Rosario - eMail
USA: Florida: Saint Cloud: Brian Rolinson  - eMail <=== 2002/White&Silver
USA: Florida: Saint Cloud: Paul Reilly  - eMail <=== 2000 metal flake green and black. Traded 1500 Vulcan for it.
USA: Florida: St. Augustine: Mike Frye (SailorMike) - eMail <=== (rider of "Ol' Blue") - VietVet & rode FL to LA to DC!
USA: Florida: St. Petersburg: Woody Johnston - eMail
USA: Florida: Stuart: Mike Pelletier - eMail
USA: Florida: Sunrise: Bruce Berman - eMail
USA: Florida: Tallahassee: Dave & Midge Bussey - eMail
USA: Florida: Tampa: Charles (Wayne) Kirkland - eMail <=== 1999 Yellow/White
USA: Florida: Tampa: David Youmans - eMail
USA: Florida: Tampa: Lee Helt - eMail
USA: Florida: Tampa: Rick Hopkins - eMail
USA: Florida: Tarpon Springs: Jan Pavelka - eMail <=== 2000 black. "To all Brothers and sisters,ride safe,ride smart!"
USA: Florida: Titusville: Dan O'Brien - eMail
USA: Florida: Valrico: Jose A. Feliciano - eMail
USA: Florida: Valrico: Joseph F. Cupolo - eMail <=== Future RLC Web Page Admin - Page <==========
USA: Florida: Vero Beach: Daniel Huber - eMail <=== 1998 yellow / white - Great Ride!
USA: Florida: West Palm Beach: Robert Coleman - eMail <=== contact!!!

USA: Georgia: Acworth: Larry - eMail <=== (GA)
USA: Georgia: Calhoun: Rick Dockrey - eMail <=== 2000 maroon / black
USA: Georgia: Dallas: Bill Palmer - eMail <=== 2002 black. Reborn rider after 11 years!
USA: Georgia: Dallas: Larry Hyde - eMail <=== Aggrevating the Harley boys, who get no comments!
USA: Georgia: (South): Lt. Frank Thornal - eMail - Page
USA: Georgia: Mauk: Wolf - eMail
USA: Georgia: Peachtree City: Bill Croker - eMail <=== His LC is fully dressed!
USA: Georgia: St. Marys: Greg Alderman - eMail <== See also: Florida!
USA: Georgia: Valdosta: Jeff Swanberg - eMail <=== 2001, black/blue. "I absolutly love this bike..."
USA: Georgia: White: Ronnie - eMail
USA: Georgia: Woodbine: Dale Bundy - eMail

USA: Hawaii: Ed Godfrey - eMail <=== (HI)
USA: Hawaii: Kilauea: Nicholas Moore - eMail

USA: Idaho: Boise: Kurt Kahm - eMail <=== 2000/black (ID)
USA: Idaho: Idaho Falls: Harry Lord - eMail
USA: Idaho: Wendell: Jim Samuelson - eMail
USA: Illinois: Chicago: Uwe "The German" Rotter - eMail <=== (IL)
USA: Illinois: Chicago: Manolo Gawat - eMail
USA: Illinois: Colona: David Linville - eMail <=== 2000 Black/Green
USA: Illinois: Colona: Steve Nordquist - eMail ??? <=== RLC or just sending a greeting?
USA: Illinois: Dundee: Jim Brown - eMail - Page
USA: Illinois: East Moline: Mike Dergo - eMail
USA: Illinois: Effingham: Bruce Amsden - eMail
USA: Illinois: Edwardsville: Greg Tate (Tater) - eMail <=== has put on a lot of custom gear!
USA: Illinois: Hanover Park: Nick Imbraguglio - eMail - Page
USA: Illinois: Hoffman Estates: Gary Hebb - eMail
USA: Illinois: Jacksonville: Dave "ZLRider" Acker - eMail <=== 2000 Maroon & Black
USA: Illinois: Lindhurst: Scott Kitzerow - eMail
USA: Illinois: Plainfield: David Adams - eMail <=== 2002 Silver/White
USA: Illinois: Prospect Heights: John Danielsen (Cruiser) - eMail <=== RLC#38
USA: Illinois: Rolling Hills: Rory Hughes - eMail
USA: Illinois: Tinley Park: Gary Nelson (Hole Shot) - eMail - Page
USA: Illinois: Tinley Park: Stormyn - eMail <=== Black 1500LC!
USA: Illinois: Tinley Park: Gary Nelson (Hole Shot) - eMail - Page

USA: Indiana: Cicero: Dale Shoemaker - eMail <=== (IN)
USA: Indiana: Columbus, Marc Nemeth - eMail
USA: Indiana: Elkhart: Albert Nuzzi - eMail <=== 03 Silver / Green - CONTACT!!!
USA: Indiana: Elkhart, 'round "South Bend": Mike Brown - eMail
USA: Indiana: Evansville: Dan Wade - eMail <=== Red / white 1500LC!
USA: Indiana: Greencastle: Norm Phipps - eMail
USA: Indiana: Griffith: Steve Beigle - eMail
USA: Indiana: Indianapolis: Michael Lamb Sr. - eMail <=== 02 Black. "gluguru"
USA: Indiana: Kendallville: Matt Taylor - eMail
USA: Indiana: Lafayette: Randy Carr - eMail <=== Blue/Black 1500LC!
USA: Indiana: Lowell: James Adams - eMail <=== 00 Green/Black. "Lets get together for a ride."
USA: Indiana: Marion: Norman Mcfarren - eMail <=== STORMAN NORMAN!
USA: Indiana: Shelbyville: Tony - eMail <=== People in this area please get in touch a.s.a.p.!
USA: Indiana: Tipton: Randy Gutierrez - eMail
USA: Indiana: Vevay: Brian Morton - eMail <=== 2002 Intruder LC. "Can't ride enough!"
USA: Iowa: Des Moines: Barry Sonius - eMail <=== (IA)

USA: Iowa: Glenwood: Dirk Lucy - eMail <=== 1998 LC 1500 Teal/Black "Ride on Riders of Lengendary Classic!!"
USA: Iowa: Gilmore City: Harry Linn - eMail <=== 1999 Red and White. 
USA: Iowa: Keokuk: Keith Parker - eMail <=== 1998 Brown/Tan
USA: Iowa: Muscatine: Bill Ryan (aka. Fuzzy) - eMail - Page <===The Photographer!
USA: Iowa: Sgt Bluff: JJ (aka. Stratman) - eMail
USA: Iowa: Sgt City: John Johnson - eMail
USA: Iowa: Sioux City: John Feeley - eMail
USA: Iowa: Steve Maddison eMail (eMail not working)
USA: Iowa: Waterloo: Andy Mullinex - eMail

USA: Kansas: Baxter Springs: Allen Breuil - eMail (KS)
USA: Kansas: Cedar Vale: Jim Owens - eMail (KS)
USA: Kansas: Emporia: Dave Laird - eMail <=== 2001 Black & Chrome
USA: Kansas: Larry Brown (Bravo) eMail - Page <=== custom 'blue flame' prizewinner!
USA: Kansas: Olathe: Lee Moore eMail <=== Teal/Black
USA: Kansas: Shawnee: Chuck Adams eMail

USA: Kentucky: Campbellsville: William Shields - eMail <=== Green/Black/2000 (KY)
USA: Kentucky: Florence: Keith Cason - eMail <=== 2003 Green & Silver
USA: Kentucky: Irvine: Jesse W. Henderson III - eMail
USA: Kentucky: Lancaster: Jeremy Prater - eMail <=== Let's RIDE! Get in touch will ya!
USA: Kentucky: Louisville: Roger Hardy - eMail - Page <=== Dr. WUV!!!
USA: Kentucky: Princeton: Jerry Lacy - eMail <=== 1999 Great Red and White
USA: Kentucky: Salyersville: Bill England - eMail <=== I LOVE MY BIG O LC.
USA: Kentucky: Scottsville: Roger Anderson - eMail

USA: Louisiana: Baton Rouge: Gary Keyes - eMail <=== (LA) <=== black & blue!
USA: Louisiana: Denham Springs: Gary Keyes (ROLLINTIGER) - eMail - Page <==== 2001 Black & Blue
USA: Louisiana: Lacombe: Glenn Semel - eMail <=== 2002 White/silver - Excited about the LC CLub!
USA: Louisiana: Lake Charles: Buddy Cedars - eMail
USA: Louisiana: LaPlace: H Chris Brimmer- eMail
USA: Louisiana: Mandeville: Greg Guillot - eMail <=== Black 1500LC!
USA: Louisiana: Saint Amant. James Babin - eMail <=== 02 Black
USA: Louisiana: St. Francisville: Joe Monistere - eMail
USA: Louisiana: Vacherie: Mike Homer - eMail
USA: Louisiana: Walker: Martin Cassisa - eMail <=== 2002 Blue/sliver 1500. Contact2Ride!
USA: Louisiana: Zachary: Tim - eMail <=== 2002 Black

USA: Maine: Bucksport: John Fickett - eMail <=== 2002 Blue/Gray (ME)
USA: Maine: Sanford: Roger L. Christensen eMail

USA: Maryland: Baltimore: Big Yo - eMail <=== 2003 blue/black (MD)
USA: Maryland: Bowie: Dave & Trish Osgood - eMail <=== RLC#12
USA: Maryland: Deb - eMail <=== 2000/Black
USA: Maryland: Glen Burnie: Ben Franz - eMail <=== 1998 Black w/ silver and blue Flames. First bike!
USA: Maryland: Glen Burnie: Joe Kotche - eMail - Page
USA: Maryland: Hagerstown: Dennis Kennedy (Big-D) - eMail
USA: Maryland: Hurlock: Bob Vogel - eMail
USA: Maryland: Salisbury: Jeff Elzey - eMail <=== 2000 black
USA: Maryland: Waldorf: Jeffrey Loxley - eMail <=== Our hats are off to you for joining us!

USA: Massachusettes: Attleboro: Robert Folan - eMail <=== 2001 burgady/gold - "This club makes sense!" (MA)
USA: Massachusettes: Beverly: George Vanikiotis - eMail - 2002 blue/silver
USA: Massachusettes: Billerica: David Dumas - eMail
USA: Massachusettes: Chicopee: Wayne Lemoine - eMail
USA: Massachusettes: Dracut: Jim Cunningham - eMail - Page <=== RLC#17 ("Tattoo Jim", in memoriam)
USA: Massachusettes: Fall River: John Ritso - eMail
USA: Massachusettes: Gardner: Mark Waldron - eMail <=== RLC#67
USA: Massachusettes: Hull: Thomas Walsh - eMail <=== 2002 BLUE/SILVER
USA: Massachusettes: Hollandale: Steve Smith - eMail <=== 98/diamond white/rainbow flames
USA: Massachusettes: Hopkinton: Stu Glassman - eMail <=== 1999 red/white
USA: Massachusettes: Ludlow: John Cartelli - eMail
USA: Massachusettes: Mansfield: Phil Williams - eMail
USA: Massachusettes: Millbury: Gary "Sketch" Belanger - eMail
USA: Massachusettes: Peabody: Russ Miller - eMail <=== 2001 Maroon & gold
USA: Massachusettes: Pittsfield: Bob Letteney - eMail
USA: Massachusettes: Plymouth: Curly - eMail <=== 2001 BLUE / BLACK. "Ride safe, keep a warm breeze in your face."
USA: Massachusettes: Tauton: Bob & Jodie Cambra - eMail <=== 2002 "full dresser" & Jodie has a Blue VL 800
USA: Massachusettes: Templeton: Ralph Curcio - eMail <=== Smooth Rider!
USA: Massachusettes: Worchester: Don Billings - eMail <=== ROCK BASS PLAYER!!!

USA: Michigan: Big Rapids: Brian Pacholka - eMail - Page <<< Michigan Intruders!!! Check it out! <=== (MI)
USA: Michigan: Buchanan: Scott Pomeroy - eMail
USA: Michigan: Clinton Township: Bob Feyers - eMail <==== Ride Safe! - Black on black 1500LC!
USA: Michigan: Dundee: Parski - eMail <==== Full of enthusiasm!
USA: Michigan: Fowlerville: Maureen & Tom Grange - eMail
USA: Michigan: Kingsford: Glen E. Marsden - eMail <=== 2002, Silver & White. "How do they do it for the money?"
USA: Michigan: New Haven: Tim Beels - eMail
USA: Michigan: Portage: Randy Fenner - eMail
USA: Michigan: Traverse City: Mike Hill - eMail
USA: Michigan: West Bloomfield: Jeff Zimmerman - eMail
USA: Michigan: Ypsilanti: Ray Bynum - eMail

USA: Minnesota: Apple Valley: Rick Hanson - eMail <=== (MN)
USA: Minnesota: Burnsville: Alwad Childs - eMail
USA: Minnesota: Burnsville: Pat Straley - eMail
USA: Minnesota: Carlton: Ike Leno - eMail
USA: Minnesota: Coon Rapids: John Severson - eMail
USA: Minnesota: Duluth: James Larson - eMail <=== Club: Duluth's Riders of the Legendary Classic!
USA: Minnesota: Forest Lake: William H. Matthews Jr. - eMail
USA: Minnesota: Glenwood: David McDonough - eMail
USA: Minnesota: LeRoy: Scott Bowen - eMail <=== 2000 Black
USA: Minnesota: Minneapolis: Mike Schreiber - eMail <=== 2003/black
USA: Minnesota: Mendota Heights: Michael & Peggy Corbett - eMail
USA: Minnesota: Montrose: Scott Bushie - eMail
USA: Minnesota: Plymouth: Jim Lanning - eMail
USA: Minnesota: St. Paul: Shane Hjulberg - eMail - Page - Forum

USA: Mississippi: Biloxi: Gary Trivanovich - eMail <=== 2002/gray-white (MS)
USA: Mississippi: Biloxi: Greg Sargent - eMail
USA: Mississippi: Braxton: Joe M. Cowart - eMail <=== NOTE: NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!! Black LC!
USA: Mississippi: Byhalia: Kevin Crawford - eMail
USA: Mississippi: d'Iberville: Greg Sargent (aka. SARGE): eMail
USA: Mississippi: Jackson: Stanley Alexander eMail <=== Now a member of the finest organization in cycling!
USA: Mississippi: Sandersville: James L. deBoxtel eMail <=== Hattiesburg / Meridian Area Rep!
USA: Mississippi: Topelo: Gary Dykes: eMail <===Birthplace of Elvis!

USA: Missouri: Independence: Douglas King - eMail - Page <=== (MO)
USA: Missouri: Independence: Mike Morgan - eMail <=== 98 RED. Met RLC Reps at IronHorse Campground in June. Took pics.
USA: Missouri: Kansas City: Mike Williams - eMail <=== 2002 blue & silver
USA: Missouri: Kansas City: Daniel Richard - eMail (missing)
USA: Missouri: Piedmont: Tim Vavak - eMail
USA: Missouri: Rolla: Dave Pikka - eMail <=== 2002/Silver & White. "I love her..."
USA: Missouri: St. Joseph: Mike Puckett - eMail
USA: Missouri: St. Louis: Jim Nugent - eMail

USA: Montana: Hinsdale: Gary "Scooter" Hillman - eMail <=== 2002/silver/grey - Director of Hiline Longriders. "Ride on Bros" (MT)

USA: Nebraska: Columbus: Raymond Kudron - eMail <=== 2002 White/Silver. Also has a GS550L (NE)
USA: Nebraska: Cozad: Bob Roenfeldt - eMail <=== 1998 - black/green. Sturgis every year!
USA: Nebraska: Grand Island: Don Luther - eMail <=== 2000 suz intrud 1500 black. "One hell of a bike"
USA: Nebraska: Grand Island: Ron & Cathy Christensen - eMail <=== 2001 Maroon / Champagne
USA: Nevada: Carson City: Don Jones - eMail <=== (NV)
USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: North Las Vegas: Chris Conte - eMail <=== Loves to ride!
USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: Kevin Kennard - eMail
USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: Michael Brooks - eMail
USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: Tron Sutton - eMail <=== Custom 1500LC Purple with blue ghost flames!!!
USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: Tony Duffie - eMail
USA: Nevada: Pahrump: Baby Bird - eMail
USA: Nevada: Sparks: Kevin Smith - eMail
USA: Nevada: Sparks: Robin Aichs - eMail <==== 99 Black & Green Custom. "What a great ride !!!"

USA: New Hampshire: Laconia: Dave Harper - eMail <=== 2000 Black/Purple Flames Custom Bagger (NH)
USA: New Hampshire: Salem: Tony Coppola - eMail

USA: New Jersey: Camden: Jose Lou - eMail <=== '98 ZUC LC 1500VL (NJ)
USA: New Jersey: Forked River: Brian McGuire - eMail
USA: New Jersey: Hopatcong: Todd Vanderhoof - eMail - Page <=== Corvette yellow & pearl white 1500LC!
USA: New Jersey: New Gretna: Randy Hagar - eMail <=== 2001 Maroon & Gold
USA: New Jersey: Ridgefield: Carl Cabrera - eMail <=== 1998 Black & Green
USA: New Jersey: Rio Grande: Larry Forsyth - eMail
USA: New Jersey: Toms River: Chris Cameron - eMail
USA: New Jersey: Stanhope:

USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: Jeff Platt eMail
USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: Elizabeth Platt eMail <=== Our youngest member! (she was 5 when she became a Rep!)

USA: New Jersey: Lebanon Township: Nancy - eMail <=== 1998 Green/Black. Riding since 1976.
USA: New Jersey: Long Valley: Mark - eMail <=== 2000 Black/Maroon
USA: New Jersey: Stewartsville: Jimozach - eMail <=== Silver & White 1500LC!
USA: New Jersey: Vineland: Shawn Coleman - eMail

USA: New Mexico: Albuquerque: Steve Nance - eMail <=== (NM - USA by God!)
USA: New Mexico: Clovis: Jay Longley - eMail
USA: New Mexico: Las Cruces: Jeffrey J. Bollschweiler - (no eMail supplied)
USA: New Mexico: Santa Fe: Tim & Renee Miller - eMail <=== 02 Silver/Blue

USA: New York: Bay Shore: Sean Clune - eMail <=== (NY) <=== maroon & gold 1500LC!
USA: New York: Clifton Park: Bruce & Faith Trier - eMail
USA: New York: Garnerville: Scott Toscano - eMail - (no eMail supplied)
USA: New York: Glens Falls: Bill Leonard - eMail <==== 2001 Maroon and Tan (Welcomes contact!)
USA: New York: Grahamsville: Herb Carleton - eMail
USA: New York: Greenfield Center: Kevin Becker - eMail
USA: New York: Troy: Jay Young - eMail
USA: New York: Hamburg: Mr. Mike - eMail<=== '02 1500 LC (Black)
USA: New York: Jamestown: Dave - eMail - Page <=== LC 01 maroon, silver. "The LC is the Bikers best kept secret" 
USA: New York: Lockport: Brett Sawyer - eMail <<< It's Brett, the first one in our Gallery!!
USA: New York: Nassau: Ken Farley - eMail
USA: New York: New York: Doodles - eMail <=== RLC#643 / MIG#643
USA: New York: Ridge: Sal Pennetti - eMail <=== 2002 Silver & White. Back to biking after 20 years!
USA: New York: Rochester: James A. Patton - eMail
USA: New York: Spencerport: James W. Anderson - eMail
USA: New York: Tupper Lake: Shawn Larabie - eMail
USA: New York: Taberg: Mike (aka. Sammy) - eMail (no email) <=== White / silver 1500LC!
USA: New York: Warwick: Walter DeVries - eMail

USA: North Carolina: Arden: Seon Montgomery - eMail <=== (NC)
USA: North Carolina: Beulaville: Don Brown - eMail <=== 2002 SCRC#86145 "Live to ride, ride to eat!"
USA: North Carolina: Clinton: Larry Gribble - eMail <=== ... is now part of the RLC Family!
USA: North Carolina: Fayetteville: Greg Love - eMail <=== RLC#69
USA: North Carolina: Granite Falls: Larry Rozzelle - eMail <=== Ride Safe & as much as possible!
USA: North Carolina: Greensboro: Joe Davis - eMail <=== 2001 Blue/black with flame outlines
USA: North Carolina: Goldsboro: Steven Voltaire - eMail <=== 2001 Burgundy/Pewter. "No comment."
USA: North Carolina: Hillsborough: Dave Gattis - eMail - Page
USA: North Carolina: Jacksonville: Dannis Wait - eMail <=== 1998 Yellow and white
USA: North Carolina: Lenoir: Gary Sanders - eMail <=== 2001 blue and black. 1400 was stolen!!!
USA: North Carolina: Linville Falls: Bill Brown - eMail (no eMail) - Page
USA: North Carolina: Moyock: James Klotz - eMail <=== 2003 / Green-Silver - I love my ride!
USA: North Carolina: New London: Ronnie Faggart - eMail
USA: North Carolina: Raleigh: Donnie Lewis - eMail <=== Burgandy and Gold. Riding >30 years!
USA: North Carolina: Randy Johnson - eMail
USA: North Carolina: Rockingham: David Lee - eMail <=== 2002 Silver/White (I'm in love with it) "My perfect bike"
USA: North Carolina: Rocky Mount: Joe Corbett - eMail
USA: North Carolina: Sanford: Erol Havens - eMail <=== Wants to hear the buzz!!!
USA: North Carolina: Wilmington: Terry - eMail (eMail address missing)

USA: North Dakota: <=== (ND)

USA: Ohio: Akron: Rick Devenport - eMail <=== 98 black /teal (OH)
USA: Ohio: Centerville: Dave Kirchner - eMail
USA: Ohio: Cincinnati: Bill McCoy - eMail <=== Pearl White 1500LC!
USA: Ohio: Cincinnati: William Mann - eMail <=== 2000 WINE/BLACK. BIKE NAME "THE OTHER WOMAN'
USA: Ohio: Cincinnati: Kevin L. Feck - eMail <=== 2000 1500LC. Live in Cincy and ready to ride!
USA: Ohio: Circleville: Roy Ulko - eMail <=== 2000 Black
USA: Ohio: Cleveland: Andy McILveen - eMail
USA: Ohio: Cleveland: Alan Szymanski - eMail
USA: Ohio: Columbus: Duane E Buchanan - eMail <=== "Love to ride, ride to love!"
USA: Ohio: Columbus: Jerry Morris - eMail - Page <=== chrome yellow red stripes
USA: Ohio: Columbus: Michael Boyer Sr. - eMail
USA: Ohio: Columbus: Mike Harry - eMail <=== has 4 bikes, aims on having just the LC!
USA: Ohio: Dublin: Larry Jackobs - eMail
USA: Ohio: East Liverpool: Eric Koren (Sixstring54) - eMail <=== RLC#54
USA: Ohio: Greenville: Kenneth Earles - eMail <=== 2002 Pearl White
USA: Ohio: Lima: Doug Short - eMail <=== 2001 intruder (black and blue). "Looking for a chapter."
USA: Ohio: Lorain: Steve Myers - eMail
USA: Ohio: Lordstown: Poet - eMail <=== Maroon & Silver 1500LC!
USA: Ohio: Medina: Jim Short - eMail
USA: Ohio: New Liverpool: George "Tom" Gamble - eMail <=== 2000 Dark Blue/Black
USA: Ohio: Pataskala: Mike Lewis - eMail
USA: Ohio: Olmsted Falls: Tom Krucek - eMail  <=== 2002 LC 1500 Black
USA: Ohio: Perrysburg: Mike Smith - eMail
USA: Ohio: Richmond Hts.: Harry Harris - eMail (blue & gray 1500LC)
USA: Ohio: Sabina: Steve Whyte - eMail
USA: Ohio: Sidney: Mark Bulle - eMail
USA: Ohio: Twinsburg: Dave - eMail <=== MotorcycleDave! Every year he does something for his LC!
USA: Ohio: Westerville: Chuck Edwards - eMail

USA: Oklahoma: Jenks: Glenn "TEX" Gregory - eMail <=== '00/Black and Chrome (OK)
USA: Oklahoma: Lone Grove: Ricky Bright - eMail <=== 1999 Black/Green
USA: Oklahoma: Owasso: Michael R. Stearns - eMail <==== `03 VL1500 Intruder LC , Silver/ Gray
USA: Oklahoma: Tulsa: Sperry: Doug Fowlkes - eMail
USA: Oklahoma: Yukon: Chuck Higdon - eMail

USA: Oregon: Corvallis: Michael H ODay - eMail <=== (OR)
USA: Oregon: Klamath Falls: William T. Gardiner - eMail
USA: Oregon: Portland: Jeff Van Damme - eMail - Page
USA: Oregon: Roseburg:
USA: Oregon: Roseburg: Ann & Doyle Schartz - eMail - Page <=== Run own 1500 LC Custom Shop!!!
USA: Oregon: Roseburg: Dick Hebard - eMail
USA: Oregon: Sandy: Shane - eMail <=== Looking for custom items!

USA: Pennsylvania: Altoona: Scott Edwards - eMail <=== Two tone blue! (PA)
USA: Pennsylvania: Apollo: Brian McCollim - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Apollo: Bruce Huffman - eMail <=== Loves his LC
USA: Pennsylvania: Atglen: Edward L. Heaton - eMail <=== Yellow / White 1500LC!
USA: Pennsylvania: Boyertown: Ed Schanely - eMail <=== 2001 1500lc maroon./smoke silver. "I love it!!!"
USA: Pennsylvania: Bridgewater: Dennis Baker - eMail <=== cobalt blue & suzuki team green 1500LC!
USA: Pennsylvania: Brakney: Tunis Cooper - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Central City: Dave Eppley - eMail <=== Red & white 1500LC!
USA: Pennsylvania: Chambersburg: George Mogle - eMail *
USA: Pennsylvania: East Stroudsburg: Marneen Zahavi - eMail <=== Black 1500LC!
USA: Pennsylvania: Gibsonia: Keith - eMail <=== 1999 Black&Blue
USA: Pennsylvania: Hatboro: Harry Snyder - eMail <=== Stress Terminator
USA: Pennsylvania: Lansdale: Frank Picciano - eMail <=== 2003 Silver / Grey VL1500
USA: Pennsylvania: Mertztown: Brian - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Nazareth: Steve Crouse - eMail <=== '02 silver/white. Has owned 21 other bikes!!! :-O
USA: Pennsylvania: Johnstown: Bob Davis - eMail <=== 1500 LC 2002 sliver / white. "Live free and ride the LC"
USA: Pennsylvania: Johnstown: Rick - eMail <=== Hammer of the Gods! Ride on!
USA: Pennsylvania: New Wilmington: Wilson Durisko - eMail <=== Loves every minute of riding!
USA: Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh: Gary Duxbury - eMail <=== 02 Intruder LC Silver&White
USA: Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh: Greg Prosdocimo - eMail <=== ... has a much loved red & white LC.
USA: Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh: Mike Olzak - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh: Thomas "Tall Tom" Goelz - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Selinsgrove: Galen Leitzel - eMail <=== LC1500INTRUDER 2003 GREEN/SILVER
USA: Pennsylvania: Shavertown: Frank - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Shippensburg: Dave Frey - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Springfield: John W. Moehrle - eMail <=== Rides every chance he gets!
USA: Pennsylvania: Springtown: Brian K. Travis - eMail <=== ... and his friend, who has a 1500LC now!
USA: Pennsylvania: Wapwallopen: Joe Dorris - eMail <=== 2002 blue/silver. "This is one of, if not, the best."
USA: Pennsylvania: Wilkes-Barre: Dan Bulkley - eMail
USA: Pennsylvania: Wilkes-Barre: Patrick Cunningham eMail <=== Burgundy / gray with bluemetalic 1500LC!
USA: Rhode Island: Bradford: Greg Niles - eMail <=== 2002 Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC - Black (RI)

USA: South Carolina: Columbia: Jon "Chaps" Miller - eMail <=== (SC)
USA: South Carolina: Charlestone: Brian Smart - eMail
USA: South Carolina: Chester: Kent Vines - eMail
USA: South Carolina: Rock Hill: Frank Long - eMail
USA: South Carolina: Jim Cunnigham - eMail
USA: South Dakota: <=== (SD)

USA: Tennessee: Dickson: Jim Webb - eMail <=== 2002 PEARL WHITE/SILVER. "Also member of SCRC" (TN)
USA: Tennessee: Hendersonville: Art Burke - eMail <=== 2000 MAROON & BLACK (entirely stock). "Love the LC!"
USA: Tennessee: Knoxville: Chuck Cameron - eMail
USA: Tennessee: Memphis: Russell - eMail <=== 2001 Blue / Black. "Ride bike daily to work best part of the work day."
USA: Tennessee: Morristown: Kevin Bentley - eMail
USA: Tennessee: Oak Ridge: Jeff Hankins - eMail
USA: Tennessee: Oakfield: Richard Burroughs - eMail - Page <=== 2002 Black
USA: Tennessee: Sevierville: David A. Niehoff - eMail

USA: Texas: Arlington: David M. Peters - eMail <=== 2001/Maroon/Gold. Looking for riders in Dalla/Fort Worth area (TX)
USA: Texas: Austin: Bruce Taylor - eMail <=== 2000/ Blue and SIlver
USA: Texas: Austin: Rich Risley - eMail <=== 2000/Black. "Ride every chance I get."
USA: Texas: Azle: Bill Wyche - eMail <=== 2001 black & blue
USA: Texas: Bay City: Puma - eMail <=== 2001 Black and Blue
USA: Texas: Fort Worth: Eric Worth - eMail <=== '01 Intruder Black custom paint
USA: Texas: Fort Worth: Gene Magnuson - eMail
USA: Texas: Grand Prarie: David Marvin - eMail <=== 2002/SILVER-CREAM
USA: Texas: Houston: Andy Anderson - eMail <=== 1999 RED & WHITE
USA: Texas: Houston: Brian Knight - eMail
USA: Texas: Houston: Cody Bird - eMail <=== Likes our patch!
USA: Texas: Houston: Don Rice - eMail <=== 2000 Silver with ghost flames <========
USA: Texas: Houston: Roy Zirpoli - eMail <=== 2001/blue/black
USA: Texas: Kingsville: Gary L Jackson - eMail <=== Maroon 1500LC!
USA: Texas: Lewisville: John Lundy - eMail
USA: Texas: McKinney: Larry Westerndorf - eMail <=== 2001 Intruder LC Black & Blue. PROUD to own and ride the best cruiser on the road !!
USA: Texas: Nacogdoches: Tom Fontenot - eMail <=== "les le bon temps roule!"
USA: Texas: Plano: Tim Johnson - eMail <=== New eMail!
USA: Texas: Sierra Blanca: Skip Ford - eMail
USA: Texas: Spring: Brian K. Jones - eMail <=== 2003 Green & Silver
USA: Texas: Texarkana: Charlie Austin - eMail
USA: Texas: Watauga: Clint Kinser - eMail <=== 2001 maroon/olive silver
USA: Utah: Salt Lake City: Aaron Davis - eMail <=== 2001/Black (UT)
USA: Utah: Sandy: Brent Christiansen - eMail <=== 1500 LC 2001 Blue/Black - Go RLC Utah!!!
USA: Utah: Syracuse: Tom Housley - eMail

USA: Vermont: <=== (VT)

USA: Virginia: Centreville: Gordon S. Ehrlich - eMail (VA)
USA: Virginia: Cleveland: Larry Mathews - eMail <=== 2002 white/Silver
USA: Virginia: Dale City: H. Frei- eMail <==== 99 black/green
USA: Virginia: Dahlgren: Dean Haworth- eMail <==== In the navy!
USA: Virginia: Evergreen: Walter L. Thompson, Jr. - eMail
USA: Virginia: Fredericksburg: Kirk Walter - eMail <=== is going to have a GREAT summer!
USA: Virginia: Herndon: Dahlgren: Dan Gillenwater eMail <=== Rode a HD in the Police, but now firmly on an LC.
USA: Virginia: Herndon: Dahlgren: Frank Love (Hog Eater) - eMail
USA: Virginia: Richmond: TJ Banholzer - eMail <=== 2001 LC 1500 Blue & Black. Bro!
USA: Virginia: Roanoke: Rick Weeks "LCTwin" - eMail <=== 1500 lc Red/White
USA: Virginia: Suffolk: Paul Baldwin - eMail <=== 2002 wht/gray. "Looking to join riders in the Hampton area."
USA: Virginia: Woodbeidge: Tom (yoda) & Mrs. West - eMail
USA: Virginia: Yorktown: Larry Baxter - eMail

USA: Washington: Blair: Sherman - eMail <=== (WA)
USA: Washington: Edmonds: Tony Peluso - eMail <=== FallenAngel!
USA: Washington: Elma: Lisa Cormier - eMail <=== 2001/ Black w/ blue metal flake - get in touch!
USA: Washington: Elma: Rob Cormier - eMail <=== 1999/ Red and White
USA: Washington: Enuclaw: Joe Smart - eMail
USA: Washington: Lynnwood: Gary D. Pickette - eMail
USA: Washington: Monroe: Ronald C. Matthews - eMail
USA: Washington: Olympia: Jeff Bush - eMail
USA: Washington: Olympia: Corey Cullison - eMail
USA: Washington: Port Orchard: Shawn Lins - eMail <=== Spiderman or Spidey!
USA: Washington: Seattle: Paul G. "Pono" Rodrigues - eMail <=== RLC#18
USA: Washington: Seattle: Rick Rogers - eMail <=== 98 1500 LC the "FLAME" (black w/ red flames) RLC#18
USA: Washington: Spokane: Carl Snyder - eMail <=== 1500LC 2003 Black
USA: Washington: Spokane: David Van Horne eMail <=== '99 teal & black
USA: Washington: Sumner: Scott & Diane Patten – eMail
USA: Washington: Silverdale: Wayne Jones - eMail <=== Custom Orange 1500LC!
USA: Washington: Snohmish: Joe Kurke - eMail
USA: Washington: Snohmish: Larry - eMail <=== 98 green/black
USA: Washington: Tacoma: Ray Clark - eMail
USA: Washington: University Place: Bill Klancke - eMail <=== yellow & white 1500LC!
USA: Washington: Vancouver: Wayne J. Black - eMail <=== black & green machine!

USA: West Virginia: Charleston: Gilbert L. Jackobs - eMail <=== (WV)
USA: West Virginia: Fairmont: Allen Wright - eMail (Just ride, we can talk when we fuel up the bikes and ourselves :-)
USA: West Virginia: Huntington: Larry Brown - eMail
USA: West Virginia: Nitro: Ray Long - eMail <=== '99 R&W&Chrrrrroooome

USA: Wisconsin: Appleton: Charlie Springer - eMail <=== 1500LC 1999 Yellow/White
USA: Wisconsin: Appleton: Ron Scherwinski (Bubba) - eMail
USA: Wisconsin: Ken Staves - eMail <=== (WI)

USA: Wyoming: Casper: Matt Nelson - eMail <=== (WY)
USA: Wyoming: Lander: Larry Pettit - eMail <=== Used to be a HD rider! Now owns a yellow / white 1500LC!
USA: Wyoming: Levi Nelson - eMail <=== The Wyoming Mountain Man!

The following eMail addresses did not work. If yours is among them, please send us your new one by "joining" again: