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Friends, Reps, Riders of the LC... We all have big plans for our future... but as I have been made more than aware of, any plans require a "budget". That's what those who offer to help us always ask: "What is your budget?"
Up to now my reply has always had to be "We have none. We are a free club without dues, and we hope to stay that way." - To which they reply (if they reply at all): "Sorry. We can't help you."
... and I understand that attitude. Any project undertaken will have some cost involed. Those offering goods and services must also pay for their rent, labour equipment, raw materials... I know it sounds like an economics textbook, but it's also based on the reality of their situation.

Although we're very international, the RLC is not a very big club (yet)... but with new Reps flooding in all the time... and the number of our "friends"* growing all the time, we find ourselves in the same position as many other growing clubs. The lack of time and money are slowing our growth. - We want a big club/organisation for our Reps, owners and friends... but this will not happen with our current setup. We have to look to the future. Hence I am asking for DONATIONS to the RLC. This will be added to the already existing RLC Fund.

No donation is too small or too big.
Anything & everything you offer will be accepted with thanks.

All donations will be added to the "RLC Fund" (set up at Paypal over 2 years ago... and just so you know, we currently have $64 in our fund (21.5.2003). Examples of what the fund has paid for in the past: It payed for our domain "" - and had $74 before contributing $10 to TattooJim's funeral fund, to help his family out in times of trouble. You see? Something small can go a long way when everyone chips in.


I've always been a great fan of sharing information... that way everyone knows what's going on. It gives everyone a sense of direction and purpose. 

Something that very much limits our growth is the registering of our Reps and the changing of their information... Each individual has always been the best updater of their own information, hence I'd like to find a system where our Reps can log on and update their own information. eMail addresses, optionally home addresses and phone numbers - All these things have to be collected and updated in a SECURE environment, that's not too complicated even for the least computer literate... but still sophisticated enough for it to be of good use to us.
The database file can then be called and displayed as a web page (from an Access file, for example) which displays only the information people are willing to show to the public but is the newest and most up-to-date information.
(A link to their picture will appear at the end of their information.)
eMail messages are also sent from within the system, so people don't get to know other people's eMail addresses unless those people decide they want them to.

Although I have found a club that already uses some of these features I'd like to see what else is out there. Many people SAY it's no big deal... but when it comes to them doing it, nothing happens. - I have taught Access use (at a  beginner level) and have taken a course in PHP and MySQL, the sole purpose of which was to make this environment / system for the RLC... only to find the course was WAY too short ... and whole sections were skipped from lack of time. - So, although I know what can be done, I can't do it... at present. - Next term I hope to take the PHP course at the pace of the students of the college that I work at. - I am sure that at THAT rate, I'll learn everything I missed in the short / concise course I went on. So... if no-one comes forward, I'll have to do it myself! (as usual!)

However, I am very much against re-inventing the wheel when there are already whole BIKES out there rolling free through the contryside. So if anyone knows of such a database / system for us, please let me know.
I'd also like people to be able to upload images of themselves and their bikes, so others can easily identify them at rallies, meetings and gatherings. There are two ways of doing this: Upload to our server or link to where your picture is. When people close their accounts, these pictures will unfortunately disappear, so I'd like to offer people who don't have web space to upload their pictures.

Some of these things are already offered by our friends at the MSN Groups. True... but as any small country will tell you... There is nothing that compares with being INDEPENDENT. I've always felt that our club needs to be independent... and sometimes we've had to pay the price for that. 
(Example? Ok... Before the RLC Fund had any $ in it, because I believe the CLUB should pay for things to do with itself, we lost a few very good/suitable domain names. It's often like that. The quick and the dead. It's a rat race out there... and such an environment is not really made for "principles"... but it's ok, we will make any dream / domain / whatever, into a success... because we have determination... and that goes a LONG way.

The club I mentioned before has some of these elements already in place... and I was told they intend to improve it even further. With funds from us they could pay for improvements that will find their way into all of our systems. Sounds great...  but the actual programmers' time costs money... and although they have a deep respect for good causes, and will offer it to us at a "biker to biker" price, they had to pay the full price for their system... and, understandably, would like us to do the same.

Independence does not have to mean isolation!

* "RLC and Friends" - It has been suggested that we show a good example and extend our membership to those who: "Love the 1500LC, whatever they ride... and want to be part of the RLC" - This is a wonderful new suggestion and echoes today's sentiment of unity throughout the biker community... as well as supporting the concept that those who love  the 1500LC make GREAT FRIENDS.

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