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Do I hear "about time!" - About time we opened up a NEW page at the 1500LC Homepage! - So... Here we'll put the newest arrivals before they get their own PAGES - under the Owners or Gallery. I'm working backwards from the most recently received of the pictures that people have sent in, some were AGES ago, but I didn't have time, back then, to get to work on including them in our beloved 1500LC Homepage. (Please give the images time to load... I haven't got around to making a previews of them yet.) - CLICK the picture for the bigger picture.

Bente & Erik Kryger

Hello again! Here are some more pictures of my bike, shot recently. Hope you enjoy them, as much as I do. Regards - Hellner Denmark

Mark Coan

See the Gallery for more pictures from Mark.


Sean Buckshot - Check out that WICKED seat, for a start!

Keeper's Note: I've been a BIT busy with school lately... this is when people are doing their FINALS... and, MAN, are people around here ever STRESSED OUT! You'd think everyone (except me) had a stuck up their... Well, they ARE acting like it... even though they don't have one, up there.

It suffices to say: - Soon I'll have more free time that I WANT!

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