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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page


Riders of the Legendary Classic

Recent developments have resulted in some changes... BUT... these changes are just being "discussed" at present. Please take part in the discussion if you feel strongly about the direction the patch is taking... I must confess, there are a lot of factors influencing the direction, though... We have a patch maker, who will be the distributor, too... and the eventual price WILL include postage within the USA!!!

Here is a sample of the discussion that has been taking place to some extent on the Delphi Forum... We were mainly trying to decide if we wanted a RED border on the SHIELD patch, on our backs... or not. Here is what I mean:

... Proposed Patches...

Our net Logo.

The patch, understandably, will be slightly different (duh) as this is a "photo" type of image, while the patch will have to be simplified to allow it to be sewn. For example, the black shadow on the triangular box in the middle will have to be altered. With it, the patch would look like a one eyed llaughing monster! ... In fact, since I saw it, I can't get it out of my mind... but we don't want to scare little children, now, do we!

Details: Font: Wide Latin.
Black background. Red letters. Motor will be white with black relief.

The patch is slowly taking shape...

Classic shape, for a Classic Club. This is aimed at the upper shoulder on jackets, and the width of the image will be about 12 cm... A full 40 cm back sewn version is also being discussed... but it'll cost BIGTIME! The patch maker mentioned that it would take up to an hour for the machine to do it... but it will be QUALITY... as it's sewn on the same machine that does the small ones! Ouch!

Patch in TIFF Format (used for printing etc.)

This OVAL design may be abandoned for a more distinctive SHIELD shape that is now on the drawing table... Well, sort of, it's the design that is at the top of this page. The patch maker proposes making them ALL in that shape...

It's good and it's bad... It's good, because we will have a STANDARD eyecatching emblem that people can wear with pride, as it is such an officially accepted shape. Archaic, noble... The symbol of protection and honour...
Which we
are... Riding our Legendary Classics...
Rolling down the road and becoming legends of our own... Leaving our mark on history, in all the various places where people admire our bikes. Leaving smiles on faces and minds at peace, when they discover all us bikers aren't assholes.

No, no... We're Riders... Riders of the Legendary Classic!

We're working on this...

The picture of the dude above is from Piper's Patches...
The maker of of the VROC patch.

We are trying to make the final BACK patch in a SHIELD shape:

An abandoned idea...
Having the chapter / location name on the image.
Another alternative would be to add the State and Country under the bottom line.
(I already have such a headache from the first session that I think I'll leave THAT to the experts! Care to have a go? Then send it in!) eMail


17 July 1999: From this day forward, let it be known that our LOGO (the picture above) is - PUBLIC DOMAIN - This means you are free to use it as you want. People have expressed an interest in printing it on T-Shirts, making patches, and generally using it. Please feel free to use it as you want (with respect) as it is hereby the property of all of us, to be used as we all want.

Page Keeper's Note: I am working on making a higher resolution version, which will be posted here in the near future. The current larger version (click on it to see that) will print out 11cm x 22cm (I think), so back patches of size 40 cms will not come out very well. When the image is ready it will be posted here. - In the name of union -

The clean triangle that characterises the LC.

Relief Patches: ... a possibility... I guess these would look kice on the back of leather jackets,
esp. if they had a relief, kind of extruding effect. Or sewn in... Just some ideas for ya.

Inversed for use on White Paper...

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